Tuscan Wild Rabbit Recipe

With David away all week last week, I wanted to have something really special for our dinner on his return because this is something we have always done, whether he cooks or I cook, dependent on which one of us has been away.

So, what to cook…

Some years ago we were travelling with friends through Italy and spent a week staying in a beautiful self contained country homestead in Tuscany. Each morning we would head off in our hire car and return around tea time having seen as much as we possibly could squeeze into the day.

On one of these nights when we returned home, I decided to prepare some Wild Rabbit for the next night’s tea. I jointed the rabbit to save time the next morning, then placed it in a deep bowl with enough milk to cover, put cling wrap on top and went to bed.

(As with many recipes over the years, Mum was a great believer in soaking the rabbit in milk. She liked the skin on the rabbit to stay its beautiful pinky white colour and she also believed it helped save the rabbit from becoming tough)

Next morning I drained off the milk, found a dish with a lid, rubbed the portions of Rabbit with Grainy Mustard, poured in some chicken stock, chopped up some rashers of bacon, added shallots, some fresh Herbs, and some White Wine.

It was one of those things thrown together before you walk out the door creations – no time for browning – just all in.

I set the oven on about 95 degrees Celsius, mainly because I didn’t want to burn the homestead down whilst we were away and secondly, because I knew we would probably not get back until early evening, the space of probably about 10 hours, and would all be hungry!

Now the reason this sticks in my mind, is that when we arrived back from our day, relieved to see the homestead still standing, we opened the kitchen door and the aromas that met us, were simply HEAVEN!

At this point I stirred in a couple of spoonfuls of cream, quickly sautéed a handful of Brazil Nuts, threw them on top, placed the pot in the middle of the table and we all helped ourselves. Tender, deliciously succulent, slow cooked Wild Rabbit.

I have to say that the Tuscan surroundings no doubt gave the dish an edge but it really was very yummy. And so yes, having digressed a little with tales from Tuscany, I did indeed cook this dish of memorabilia, to celebrate his homecoming.

I am pleased to say that the Wild Rabbit was still as yummy and I have added the recipe here in case it has some appeal for you.

Buon Appetito!

Tuscan Wild Rabbit

  • 2 Wild Rabbits, jointed soaked and covered in full cream milk overnight
  • Approx ¾ cup grainy mustard
  • 4 rashers of Bacon chopped
  • 3 Shallots thinly sliced
  • 2 cloves Garlic crushed
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh Oregano leaves
  • ½ teaspoon each dried Thyme and Marjoram
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • 250 ml dry white wine
  • 250 ml chicken or vegetable stock
  • White Pepper and Salt
  • 1/3 cup thickened cream
  • ¼ cup finely chopped Parsley leaves reserved for pre – serving

The steps

  • Joint and soak Wild Rabbits in full cream milk in refrigerator overnight covered with cling wrap
  • Drain Rabbit and pat dry with paper towel
  • Rub grainy mustard over each portion, completely but not thickly
  • In an oven proof dish place rabbit in a single layer
  • Add bacon, shallots, garlic, fresh and dried herbs, bay leaf
  • Pour over white wine and stock
  • Sprinkle generously with pepper and salt
  • Place in pre-heated oven on 100 degrees or 90 degrees fan forced
  • Cover with lid and cook gently for approximately 8 – 10 hours
  • When rabbit is coming away from the bones, stir in cream, top with parsley and serve!

NB: If you would like to use this recipe but eat sooner, use the steps above but place in a non-stick pan with lid in single layer, gently simmer, and spoon the liquid over the portions at regular intervals throughout the stovetop cooking process.

Using this method the Wild Rabbit should be ready in approximately 3 – 4 hours. Finish in the same way with cream and parsley.

And there you have it… Tuscan Wild Rabbit. If you’re thinking of giving this a go please let me know how it went.


Pam 🙂

What’s Been Happening At Catering For You In 2018

Phew! We’re already into March of 2018 and I’ve realised that a lot has happened here at Catering For You that you need to know about.

Things like…

1. Moving On From PLANT 4 BOWDEN

It’s hard to believe, but it has been a year since we commenced at PLANT 4 BOWDEN and sadly we have wheeled the trolleys and display cabinets out for the last time.

What an experience it has been.

We have learned so much about purchase and supply of fresh produce and all associated ingredients for baking, pricing, preparation, minimising waste, maximising quality, delivery, display, offering consistency and also diversity in our range of food items at point of sale with all of this occurring on a regular basis, not to mention the actual learning about the vibe of the market environment itself and how best to serve its loyal, as well as new, clientele.

To everyone who has visited us there we say a huge THANK YOU!

Our decision was not a sudden one but rather through the need to acknowledge that a pair of hands has only 10 fingers as Catering For You grew significantly over the past year.

We have made many friends at PLANT 4 with regular clients, other stall holders and with the management team, the latter of whom has left the door open for us, should we wish to return at any time.

2. We’re Getting Back to Basics

There has been a real need for our focus to be centred on the aspects of our catering business that we are most passionate about, we believe we are best at plus at the same time, keeps the phone ringing.

Corporate Cocktail parties, Boardroom Luncheons, Training Days, and Special Private Events, is truly our niche. We have positioned ourselves well in this area with numbers ranging from 8 to 100 people.

3. Adelaide Dress Circle Apartments and Offices

Our alliance with Adelaide Dress Circle Apartments and Offices as their exclusive caterer continues to prosper within this Corporate niche and there are more exciting opportunities emerging as they expand their business focus into the Eastern suburbs.

4. Catering For You @ Home – Temporary Meals

The demand for preparation of meals for people whose circumstances necessitate a temporary period of weekly food delivery has also grown and at the moment this area is saturated and we have no vacancies at the moment.

5. More Blogging/Content Creation

Its been a long time between blogs but now that we are working completely on-site again and not away at the Market, there will be an opportunity to dedicate a timeframe to blog and create more content for the ever-growing Catering For You web presence.

As I sit here in my kitchen, one eye on the oven clock and one on the laptop the joy of multi-tasking combined with the aromas wafting over the kitchen bench is bliss.

Mmmm, Buon Appetito!

Pam 🙂

A Pre-Christmas Update For You All

Mmm, mmm…

Yummy lobster gourmet sandwiches for a very important client yesterday. Meals going out the door for regular clients too, and lovely tasty platters every day next week for a valued corporate client.

A beautiful assignment this one… A boss who is providing food for his hardworking staff each day who would otherwise not get time to prepare or get out to buy and eat their own lunches in such a busy Christmas schedule.

We’re also very busy cooking cakes and pastries for a regular order at a local shopping complex right now.

A reminder that we will be at Plant 4 Bowden Markets this Saturday 9am until 3pm. If you have time come and enjoy breakfast or lunch with us or pick up a cake or two.

Oh, here’s another picture of the lobster gourmet sandwiches we made yesterday, just to get you feeling hungrier than you already are…

Buon appetito and Merry Christmas,

Pam 🙂

C4U Christmas Puddings – SOLD OUT!

Just letting you all know that our Christmas Puddings are now all SOLD OUT!

A big thank you to everyone who has purchased them and I hope that it becomes the best way to end your Christmas dinner.

Plus… This coming Saturday December 16th, is going to be the last time in 2017 that we will be at the Plant 4 Markets in Bowden serving breakfast, lunch, cakes and pastries ALL DAY!

Come on out and join us to celebrate the festive season for the last time in 2017,

Merry Christmas to you all,

Pam 🙂

NEW – Boutique Meal Delivery Service By Catering For You

My goodness Christmas is just around the corner, rather than over the hill and far away, and the kitchen here at Catering For You HQ resembles something like the Christmas Elves’ Workshop in all plans and prep in the lead up to the festive season.

It’s been far too long since my last blog and Facebook reminds me of this each and every day, so draw breath, sit at the laptop, and make it happen I tell myself…

We have had an amazing few months here at Catering For You.  As well as continuing to provide catering for corporate and private events, our in-house dining service, for visitors staying at the Adelaide Dress Circle Apartments, has gathered momentum with fabulous feedback.

Our market stall at Plant 4 Bowden Markets each Saturday fortnight from 9am – 3pm has become well established with people now making a beeline for our stall to check out what we are serving for breakfast, lunch and tasty treats to eat at the market or to take home.

This has also led to additional catering opportunities as well as a contract with a store to provide cakes and pastries every week.

This is all very exciting but wait… There’s more!

Due to a bit of a nudge from some dear and valued friends, we are now providing a Boutique Meal Delivery Service to people who may not have the time, or alternatively be temporarily unable to cook for a host of different reasons, and don’t want diet food, but instead require healthy, nutritionally balanced, attractive meals.

Well, this service is now in full swing with some people requesting lunches and dinners and some requiring just the dinners.

Seasonal produce is freshly prepared, sealed, delivered or collected and the meals provide food for 5 days.  This leaves a couple of days each week for people to eat out, catch up with friends, or to eat some leftovers.

It also enables the both of us to catch our breath as well.

What people are appreciating about this boutique meal delivery service is the opportunity to personally discuss their likes, dislikes and allergies up front and then to have quality food prepared just for them, such that each week when they open the box, they know it will contain only foods they like, and also provide an element of surprise as to what has been prepared each week on their behalf.

Just to give you an idea of what we do, hereunder is a taste of our weekly Menus that accompany the box.

**Catering For You Boutique Meal Delivery Service – Sample Menu**

Chicken Lolly PopsLovely little Moroccan Chicken stix on rocket with Prosciutto slices and a little pot of Dijon/mayo dipping sauce. Warm through in microwave for approx. 1 min.
Italian SaladHam, mild Sopresso, Bocconcini, Olives, Gherkin, roasted Eggplant, Lettuce, Egg, with light Italian dressing ready to eat.
Thai Chicken SaladShredded chicken, julienne of carrot, sno peas, red capsicum, coriander, glass noodles all tossed in Thai rice wine vinegar and Caesar dressing ready to eat.
Baguette Rolls  Filled with smoked Pastrami, Brie, roasted Eggplant, sliced Beetroot, Lettuce, with a Baba Ghanoush spread, ready for toasting.
Chicken Waldorf SaladBeautiful poached chicken in stock, apple and celery in mayonnaise on top of our home grown lettuces.

Le Poulet Vallée D’AugeChicken portions pan fried, then sautéed in Brandy with apples, celery, onion, stock and finally cream. Served with steamed jacket potatoes then panfried in rosemary.Ready to heat through in microwave for 2  – 3 minutes or in preheated oven on 160 degrees for approx. 6 – 8 mins.
Veal MeatballsThese deliciously tender meatballs are made with veal, pork as well as beef, with a variety of herbs. They are then slowly cooked in a tomato and red wine sauce.Served with piped creamy potato and Broccolini ready to heat through in microwave for  3 – 4  minutes or in preheated oven on 160 degrees for approx. 8 mins.
Beef Rump ShaslicksMarinaded in hoisin, honey, tomato paste, sesame oil, chilli, rice wine vinegar, these shaslicks have been threaded with zucchini, red capsicum and mushrooms, seared, quickly barbecued and rested to maximize their flavor and tenderness. Served on a bed of lightly fried rice.Ready to heat through in microwave for 2  – 3 minutes or in preheated oven on 160 degrees for approx. 6 – 8 mins.
Garfish FilletsBeautifully tasty little garfish fillets, baked in the oven for only a few minutes with lemon pepper, and olive oil. Served with  Asian Buk Choy sautéed in oil and lemon and a separate pot of cubed potato topped with sour cream and chives.Ready to reheat in microwave for a few minutes.
Chinese Chicken and VegetablesCubes of chicken breast prepared in the Asian way using sauces and fresh ginger to give a subtle but traditional Asian flavour. Egg Noodles have been added at the last minute to complete this dish. Ready to reheat in microwave for a few minutes.

And in the meantime that’s about it… Other than to say that this weekend is not Market Stall Day, its Christmas Pudding Cooking Day with a host of orders to fulfil before the big day.


Spaces for this unique boutique meal delivery service are limited so if you’re interested in finding out more about it and how Catering For You can help you please contact us.

Buon Appetito! Until next time,

Pam 🙂

Catering For You @ Plant 4 Markets – Saturday August 12th & Wednesday August 16th

Brrr… It’s been cold outside but it’s lovely and warm inside the Plant 4 Bowden Markets at Third Street Bowden.

It’s our fortnight again to be on deck this Saturday August 12th and Wednesday August 16th so I hope you can rug up and come on down to say hello.

This fortnight we have little egg and bacon pies served with roasted mushrooms and tomatoes for brekkie and then we switch into tapas mode with a selection from three main courses surrounded by tasty savoury treats.

That of course can be followed withe some “yummyness” from our cabinet filled with sweet delights!

Remember, Catering For You at the Plant 4 Markets, Third Street Bowden on this Saturday August 12th from 9am until 3pm and then on Wednesday August 16th from 4pm until 9pm.

There’s also live music and a licensed bar with tables and chairs galore plus fabulous gourmet food from every corner of the globe. What more could you ask for?

See you all there,

Pam 🙂

Tapas And Sweets Every Wednesday Fortnight – Plant 4 Markets Bowden

Every Wednesday fortnight from tomorrow night (Wednesday July 19th, 2017) our Catering For You Market Stall will be serving Tapas and Sweets in the Plant 4 Markets at Bowden.

This is a very exciting development as this is an addition to what we are already doing at Plant 4 Markets every Saturday fortnight.

An example of what we will be serving in our tapas range include…

  • Smoked Turkey Empanadas
  • Spicy Soy Chicken Wings
  • Arancini Balls
  • Pearl Couscous And Pomegranate Salad
  • Dahl Tartlets

YUM! There’s plenty more where that came from.

And for those with a sweet tooth (and who doesn’t) we’re also serving a variety of delicious Sweets and Treats for you.

Here’s a little gallery of what we have made so far for the Plant 4 Markets for you to check out.

Mmmm, I can taste the food already… See you there 🙂

Plant 4 Bowden Market Stall – Sneak Peak

Mmmm, Creme Patisserie with glazed strawberry tarts small and large fresh out of the oven for Plant 4 Bowden Market.

Yummy! If this doesn’t entice you to come down this Saturday then I don’t know what will 😉

Catering For You Market Stall @ Plant 4 Markets – Third Street Bowden from 9am until 3pm. Come on down and say hello.

See you all there 🙂

Catering For You At Plant 4 Markets Bowden – July 1, 2017

After the success of our market stall launch a fortnight ago, we are back again at the Plant 4 Markets THIS SATURDAY, July 1st from 9am until 3pm.

What a way to kick off the start of the new financial year 🙂

We will be serving freshly prepared quality, hearty, gourmet food packaged ready to take home, heat up and eat straight away or, to share with your partner, family or with friends over the weekend, or to enjoy during the week after a busy day at work.

There will also be Vegetarian and Gluten Free items in our range.

We will have winter soups, hot pots, vegetable salads, quiches, flans, frittatas, roast meats, sauces, chutneys, as well as fruit tarts, cakes, citrus flans, packets of cookies and fudge.

All our produce of course is made in our kitchen here at Catering For You.

Our stall will have fresh quality seasonal ingredients with a dynamically changing menu each time we come or, if you want the same thing the next time around you can place an order to have the same dish the following fortnight when we will be back again.

Come down, say “hi” and enjoy the space… It’s just teeming with a lovely warm buzz. Seeing some familiar faces like yours will make it all worth while.

Remember, Catering For You market stall, Plant 4 Markets Bowden, Saturday, July 1st from 9am until 3pm.

See you all there 🙂