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At Catering For You, our aim is to provide fresh, delicious, healthy food for your…

  • Board Room
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Training days
  • Product launches
  • Client functions (or any other business special event)
  • Home entertaining

We are mindful that any business meeting is important and our menus are designed to bring food that allows people to remain focused and alert without that heavy, sluggish feeling that often prevails after consuming food laden with carbohydrates and little protein.

As for your home entertaining or special private event, Catering For You will match the perfect food combinations for the occasion at hand.

From celebrating the beginning of life, special events throughout life, and acknowledging a life lived at the  end of life, Catering For You will make any occasion special, personal and memorable.

Choose from our Menu Options plus our Mix & Match Listings for your own selection. Our menu is perfect for both corporate functions and home entertaining.

If you would like an item that is not listed, please ask us, and we will do our utmost to fulfil your request. Whether finger food, buffet style, or table setting, our food can be provided hot or cold. Food can be collected or delivered, set up or served.

We can use your crockery and cutlery or we can provide ours. The choice belongs to you.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for guidelines, costings, etc.

**2018 Update**

Menus and Single Items’ Listings to help make your own personalized selection or, a place to begin for further discussion on creating a customized package or to enquire about the possible inclusion of an item or items not listed.

As you can imagine, it is not possible to list every item as foods will vary according to the seasonal availability but we will always do our utmost to fulfil your needs.

All orders are based on a minimum catering requirement for 8 persons.

Pricing is for food only and itemized at net cost. GST will be added (where applicable) to the final Invoice once selections are finalized and agreed, and the Order secured with a Deposit.

We begin with options for Entrees, Mains, Desserts and follow this with Single Items’ Listings for Morning and Afternoon Teas, Cocktail Parties, Special Events

(M) = Mainstream
(V) = Vegetarian
(GF) = Gluten Free


From this list a choice of:
1 Platter Option
2 Platter Options
3 Platter Options

Mezze Platter includes (M) (V) (GF) foods
Avocado Mousse Dip, Pickled Vegetable pieces, our grilled eggplant and semi-dried tomatoes, feta, olives, mini truss tomatoes filled with basil and rocket pesto, goats cheese & balsamic vinegar, Italian meats, and our Lavosh Shards

Platter of Mini Red Capsicums with a sautéed Mushroom medley
Capsicums filled with Basmati Rice, Avocado, Lime, Coriander and surrounded by a medley of sautéed Mushrooms in garlic butter and fresh Tarragon (V&GF)

Vietnamese Cold Rolls with Asian Dipping Sauce
Asian salad wrapped in rice paper sheets and served with a Thai dipping sauce. NB: We can prepare these either with shredded poached chicken or shrimps, or strictly vegetarian, dependent on dietary requirements

Platter of Asparagus Spears
Cooked in lemon pepper, wrapped in fresh Prosciutto and served with ciabatta toasts topped with egg and anchovy, and fresh smashed Avocado with goats curd (M) (V) (GF)

Gourmet Ribbon Sandwiches (M & V)
A Platter of assorted Ribbon Sandwiches – Chicken Waldorf/Atlantic Salmon & Cucumber with Tartare sauce/Avocado, Grated Cheese, Sprouts and Pesto

Vegetable Frittata (V & GF)
A Platter of Frittata Squares made with fresh seasonal Vegetables, Free Range Eggs and Herbs, topped with cherry tomatoes and Goats Cheese served on a bed of fresh Rocket, served at room temperature


From this list a choice of:
1 Option
2 Options
3 Options

Baked little Garfish fillets – in lemon pepper surrounded with broccolini flowerettes au gratin (M)

A platter of wood oven roast Beef – sliced and served at room temperature with our Horseradish crème and our Mango chutney (M)

Chicken Breast Medallions with a filling of Baby Spinach, Pate, Brie, Mushrooms, Spring Onions, Dijon Mustard and Pistachio nuts, rolled, poached in stock and then lightly browned before carving, topped with a drizzle of Bernaise sauce(M)

Fish Pie – Atlantic Salmon and John Dory prepared in a white wine and cheesy sauce topped with creamed piped Potatoes (M)

Chinese Eggplant Hotpot – A Vegetarian dish using fresh baby Eggplants quickly tossed in a Wok with Ginger, Garlic, Olive Oil, and Soy (V)

Asian Braised Duck – The duck is served in portions and slices, having been braised with fresh red Chilli, fresh Ginger, Garlic, Shallots, Mushrooms and Hoisin sauce (M)

Coq au Vin – Slow cooked Chicken, portioned and cooked in bouquet garnish, our own stock, garlic, red wine and brandy (M)

Chicken D’Auge – pan fried chicken portions together with brandy, our own stock, apple, celery and finished with cream (M)

Mediterranean Lamb – A hot pot of lamb cubed and dusted in smoked paprika, then slow cooked with Eggplant, Sweet Potato, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Olives, stock and light red wine until tender. (M)

Kebabs of Turkey or Beef lightly marinated, or Vegetable dusted with herbs, lightly chargrilled and served with a sweet chilli glaze (M & V)

Platter of Seasonal Roasted Vegetables – A generous variety of freshly roasted seasonal vegetables, served with a separate creamy dipping sauce

Curry of choice (includes (M, V & GF options) : Fragrant Green Fish, Mild Chicken Massaman, Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh, or Vegetable.

(NB: Steamed Rice is included with Curries)

Salads – Each Salad is prepared for 8 servings

  • Baked Smashed Potatoes with Sour Cream and Rosemary
  • Roasted Pumpkin, Pepita Seed, Walnut, and Baby Spinach
  • Baked Sweet Potato and French Shallots with Cumin, Paprika and Cinnamon
  • Asian Greens: Bok Choy, Spinach, Snow Peas, Chinese Broccoli, Coriander
  • Vietnamese Salad with Vermicelli Noodles and an Asian dressing
  • Tossed Leafy Green Salad with Pears, Pistachio nuts and a French dressing
  • Tomato, Bocconcini , Fresh Basil Salad with Balsamic Vinegar dressing
  • Fresh Orange and Fennel Salad with citrus Vinaigrette
  • Pearl Cous Cous with flaked Almonds, Dates, Dukkah, Oils, fresh Pomegranate
  • Creamy Celeriac and Potato Mash (when seasonally available)
  • Special Fried Rice

Desserts – Each dessert is prepared for 8 servings

  • Apple Shortcake with red plums (seasonal) and double cream
  • Apple French Tart with apricot glaze and a Crème Anglaise pouring sauce
  • Meringue topped Raspberry and Rosewater Tart with fresh cream
  • Fresh Blueberry baked Cheesecake on chocolate crumb base
  • Glasses of Strawberry Mousse with smashed Meringue
  • Moccha Mousse Pots served with brandy oranges
  • Triple Chocolate layer Cheesecake with chocolate dipped Strawberries
  • Rich Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse filling, Chocolate Ganache icing
  • (GF) Flourless Orange Cake with vanilla cream & candied Orange peel
  • (GF) Hazelnut & Chocolate Sponge with Peanut Butter Cream icing

Cheese Platter – Each platter is prepared for 8 servings

  • A Gourmet Platter of four Cheeses, Muscatels, other Dried Fruits, Mixed Nuts, Crackers and our Lavosh Shards

Morning and Afternoon Teas
(2 serving pieces per person)

From a Choice of:
1 Food selection
2 Food selections
3 Food selections

  • Freshly baked scones with pots of jams and whipped cream
  • Mini Sicilian Banana Cake Logs with cream cheese frosting
  • Mixed Berry and Apple Muffins
  • Lime and Lemon Curd Tartlets
  • Crème Patisserie Tartlets topped with Strawberries
  • Flourless Orange Cake portions topped with cream (GF)
  • Seasonal Fruits with separate Vanilla Bean Yoghurt (GF)
  • Frangipani Tarts with Blueberry glazed topping
  • Old Fashioned Cornflake Cookies
  • Savoury herb and Cheese Scones (V)
  • Tomato, Cheese, Prosciutto and Mushroom Stix (GF)
  • Zucchini and Corn Slice (V)

Cocktail and Special Events
(Minimum 25 people, Maximum 100 people)

Our experience and expertise with Cocktail Functions and Special Events is extensive and each occasion is customized in discussion with our Clients to bring the best result.

In this regard we have priced the items below separately rather than as a grouped package as a starting point. In discussions, we can then either provide these items as listed or liaise further to create a balance of fine items to extend through the time frame of the Function and in consideration of the allocated Budget.

Our Clients have chosen anywhere from five items up to 11 items for extra special celebrations and usually finish with between 1 and 3 sweet treats to finish.

It is impossible to list every food and so, if it is not listed, please request a quote… in most cases it will be possible for us to include these favourites.


  • Moroccan and Tandoori Chicken bites with dipping sauces
  • Smoked Trout Mousse on Bagel Toasts with pickled vegetables
  • Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus with lemon pepper and Parmesan
  • Arancini Balls with Mushroom, Leek and herb filling (V)
  • Italian Veal Meatballs cooked in Red Wine and Tomato
  • Braised Duck skewered bites in Chilli, Ginger and Hoisin
  • Souvlaki Lamb Skewered Bites and garlic mash dip
  • Rare Roast Beef squares with Horseradish Crème & Relish
  • Goats Cheese & Sundried Tomato Tartlets (V)
  • Small Truss Tomatoes filled with Goats Curd, Pesto, Balsamic (V & GF)
  • Persian Dahl in mini Toasted Bread Baskets (V)
  • Mushrooms & White Anchovies on Fried Toasts
  • Blinis topped with Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraiche, Roe
  • Atlantic Salmon, Mango, Sweet Chilli Spoons (seasonal)
  • Smoked Turkey Empinadas with dipping sauce
  • Witlof Leaves with Chicken poached in lime and ginger (V & GF)
  • Goats Cheese Truffle Balls rolled in various coatings (V & GF)
  • Stilton filled Fig halves with maple syrup drizzle (seasonal) (V & GF)
  • Petite Vietnamese Cold Rolls and dipping sauce (M & V)
  • Mini Sandwiches:Chicken Waldorf/Cucumber, Tzatziki, Sprouts (V)
  • Zucchini, Herb, Crumbled Goats Cheese Frittata Squares (GF & V)
  • Tommy Ruff butterflied fillet with lemon and wilted Spinach
  • French trimmed lamb cutlet, with lemon pepper and chutney


  • Lemon and Lime Curd Tartlets
  • Crème Patisserie Tartlets with Berry Tops
  • Meringue topped Raspberry and Rosewater Tartlets
  • Petite Profiteroles with Crème Patisserie and chocolate drizzle
  • Gourmet Rocky Road
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Squares (GF)
  • White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Dried Apricots

Download Menu/Catering Price List