What’s Been Happening At Catering For You In 2018

Phew! We’re already into March of 2018 and I’ve realised that a lot has happened here at Catering For You that you need to know about.

Things like…

1. Moving On From PLANT 4 BOWDEN

It’s hard to believe, but it has been a year since we commenced at PLANT 4 BOWDEN and sadly we have wheeled the trolleys and display cabinets out for the last time.

What an experience it has been.

We have learned so much about purchase and supply of fresh produce and all associated ingredients for baking, pricing, preparation, minimising waste, maximising quality, delivery, display, offering consistency and also diversity in our range of food items at point of sale with all of this occurring on a regular basis, not to mention the actual learning about the vibe of the market environment itself and how best to serve its loyal, as well as new, clientele.

To everyone who has visited us there we say a huge THANK YOU!

Our decision was not a sudden one but rather through the need to acknowledge that a pair of hands has only 10 fingers as Catering For You grew significantly over the past year.

We have made many friends at PLANT 4 with regular clients, other stall holders and with the management team, the latter of whom has left the door open for us, should we wish to return at any time.

2. We’re Getting Back to Basics

There has been a real need for our focus to be centred on the aspects of our catering business that we are most passionate about, we believe we are best at plus at the same time, keeps the phone ringing.

Corporate Cocktail parties, Boardroom Luncheons, Training Days, and Special Private Events, is truly our niche. We have positioned ourselves well in this area with numbers ranging from 8 to 100 people.

3. Adelaide Dress Circle Apartments and Offices

Our alliance with Adelaide Dress Circle Apartments and Offices as their exclusive caterer continues to prosper within this Corporate niche and there are more exciting opportunities emerging as they expand their business focus into the Eastern suburbs.

4. Catering For You @ Home – Temporary Meals

The demand for preparation of meals for people whose circumstances necessitate a temporary period of weekly food delivery has also grown and at the moment this area is saturated and we have no vacancies at the moment.

5. More Blogging/Content Creation

Its been a long time between blogs but now that we are working completely on-site again and not away at the Market, there will be an opportunity to dedicate a timeframe to blog and create more content for the ever-growing Catering For You web presence.

As I sit here in my kitchen, one eye on the oven clock and one on the laptop the joy of multi-tasking combined with the aromas wafting over the kitchen bench is bliss.

Mmmm, Buon Appetito!

Pam 🙂

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